Research and evidence

The Reflection Working Group (RWG) actively contributes to the research on blood and blood products safety; which expands knowledge that aids in decision making contributing to resilient health systems in Africa.

This workstream is led by the African Society for Blood Transfusion (AfSBT) and Chaired by Dr. Tonderai Mapako, Chairperson of the Research Consortium at AfSBT and  Business Development Executive at National Blood Service Zimbabwe.



Exchange of Ideas on blood and blood safety issues

Blood services across Africa face common challenges but have historically worked alone to develop bespoke national solutions. CoBA’s Dialogue workstream helps stakeholders to collectively consider matters relating to safety and sufficiency; identify, assess and leverage pan-Africa opportunities; and reach consensus in advancing the blood agenda for the continent.

By building trust and encouraging collaboration, CoBA has already helped raise the profile of blood-related issues at the highest political levels. The coalition has also acted as a voice for African blood banking, articulating needs and enabling the flow of financial and other forms of support. Recognizing that an inadequate supply of blood is a critical health issue for the majority of African countries, the organization has provided tools and approaches that have helped engage the public and increased community awareness of, and participation in, blood donation activities.

This workstream is led by the Global Blood Fund and Chaired by Gavin Evans, CEO, Global Blood Fund.

The Importance of Blood for Africa’s Mothers, New York, U.S. Panel Discussion During the 74th United Nations General Assembly
Hon. Kwaku Agyeman-Manu, MP and Minister of Health, Ghana, New York, U.S. Private Sector Dialogue on Advancing the Blood Agenda for Africa in the Context of Achieving Health-Related SDGs


Capacity building, technical assistance, program design, and implementation.

Getting safe, adequate, and sustainable access to blood and blood products requires bold actions that can drastically bridge the gap. We do this by facilitating the building of capacities needed, offering the critical technical assistance required, designing programs that are community-centered, and implementing for impact.

This workstream is led by Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies and Chaired by Philana Mugyenyi, Sub-Saharan Manager, Government Affairs and Public Policy, Terumo BCT

Champions of Change, Queen Mothers’ Workshop, Ghana, Africa Raising Awareness and Capacity Building for Donor Recruitment and Retention


towards harmonized policies around blood and blood products in africa

CoBA is keen on the formulation of policies and regulations on blood and blood products that are consistent across sub-Saharan Africa.

This workstream is led by Options and Chaired by Kenneth Macharia, Kenya Country Representative, Options