Research, policy analysis and data collection.

CoBA is actively contributing to the research about blood and blood safety in Africa. CoBA partners are expanding knowledge so policymakers can act to establish safe and sustainable blood systems for Africa.



Exchange of Ideas/Discussion on blood and blood safety issues.

CoBA is a forum for free debate and discussion. Through dialogue, stakeholders build trust, assess challenges and opportunities and  reach consensus towards advancing the blood agenda for the continent.


The Importance of Blood for Africa’s Mothers, New York, U.S. Panel Discussion During the 74th United Nations General Assembly
Hon. Kwaku Agyeman-Manu, MP and Minister of Health, Ghana, New York, U.S. Private Sector Dialogue on Advancing the Blood Agenda for Africa in the Context of Achieving Health-Related SDGs


Capacity building, technical assistance, program design and implementation.

CoBA partners will develop and roll out tailored technical assistance for specific initiatives and events such as the private sector response to COVID-19 related blood shortages.

Actions include capacity-building activities, blood collection drives and providing technical inputs to strengthen legislation and policy.

Champions of Change, Queen Mothers’ Workshop, Ghana, Africa Raising Awareness and Capacity Building for Donor Recruitment and Retention